1-Day COMPREHENSIVE Microsoft Power BI Program

This training provides you a full basic fundamentals training of Microsoft Power BI. This training comes with hands-on session where everyone can try to experience real-world techniques and focused on the capabilities of Power BI. You will use Power BI to extract, shape and load the data to create interactive reports.

Building interactive reports allows you to get more insights from your data!


What will you learn from this Program?

Introduction of Power BI


Get to know what is Power BI, understand its features and functions. Explore the various analytical capabilities of this fantastic tool!

Data Sources & Data Modeling


Get to know the various data sources that Power BI can connect to. Learn how to model the data, build data relationships and develop calculation measures.

Data Visualization


Create analytical reports with Power BI charts and enhanced visuals. Discover various insights of data with drill-down and data interactive functions.


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